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Those who step foot in the Dark Tower are doomed to never return. It is the one place in Middle-Earth if you are a creature of the light you do not want to step foot in it. A dark treacherous place full of untold evils. Deep dungeons and the tall tower house the Lord of the Rings Sauron. He resides in his fortress as a giant lidless eye ever searching  for his elusive ring.

Called the Dark Tower by men and Lugburz by Sauron's armies of Orcs, Barad-Dur is situated in Northern Mordor. It was built just after the first Millenium of the Second Age with the Power of the One Ring. It was for centuries in the second  age the center of the Ring Lord's activities. He waged constant war with the forces of the light.

However in the year 3434 Barad-Dur was sieged by the armies of the Elves and Dunedain. After a 7 year siege in 3441 the fortress was taken and Sauron was overthrown.

For 29 centuries of the Third Age Barad-Dur laid in a pile of ruins. However since the Ring it was made with was not destroyed its foundation could not be destroyed. It waited patiently for the return of its master. In the mean time the Ring was lost and Sauron slowly took form again.

Sauron reentered Mordor in 2951 of the Third Age, and rebuilt the Dark Tower. This time it appeared invincible and he directed his armies against Gondor and Ring Wraiths after the Ring. However the valiant Frodo Baggins delivered the Ring to the Fiery cracks of Mt Doom in 3019 destroying it, destroying the Nazgul, destroying Sauron, and destroying the greatest Fortress of Middle-Earth in the 2nd and 3rd Ages, Barad-Dur. Not much else can be said since few have been to it and fewer have survived it.

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