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 Frodo Baggins

    Hobbit of the Shire and Ring-bearer. Born in 2968 of the third age,
Frodo acquired the One Ring from Bilbo in 3001, and in 3018 Gandalf told him to take the
Ring to Rivendell. Frodo set out with Sam, Merry, and Pippin and were closely pursued
by the Black Riders (Nazgul). They met Strider (Aragorn) at the Inn at Bree and he barely
made it alive to Rivendell. There he became the center piece of the Fellowship of the
Ring. He ended the Fellowship setting out with only Sam to Mordor and Mount Doom to
destroy the ring. He faced many perils and adventures, and lost the finger the ring was on
in a fight with Gollum. The Ring was destroyed in the fires of the Volcano and Sauron
was defeated. After the War of the Ring Frodo sailed off to the Undying Lands.