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Finally, after many years of sitting as a mere idea, Tolkien's master literary work, The Lord of the Rings, is being put on the big screen. Peter Jackson is directing the trilogy under New Line Cinema. It is a very big task putting Middle-Earth on Film, but it would seem that Jackson is staying as true to the books. Only time will tell if Tolkien's vision is produced with the satisfaction of most of the Tolkien Fans.

The Fellowship Of The Ring
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Its Out Now. See it!
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December 17, 2003

The Fellowship of the Ring Review:

I've seen it numerous times now and I think it is as perfect a movie you could have made from the vast world Tolkien created. It is visually stunning and really brings to life Middle-Earth. No effect spoils the movie and everything there is needed. The score does not drown out the movie like in other films. It compliments it perfectly. It exceeded my very high expectations.

The casting was perfect. Ian McKellen was Gandalf. Sean Bean and Viggo Mortenson brought to life the lords of Gondor to perfection. Elijah Wood brought a real feeling and heart to Frodo. The emotion of the movie revolved around him and what Frodo felt you felt.

The real aspect that made the movie great was that it brought the feeling, heart, and character of Tolkien's books out with flawless skill. All the changes to the minor parts of the story were acceptable simply because the movie stood by the source and trusted it. Peter Jackson is my hero.

The only issues I had with it was it failed to clearly explain some things to non-Tolkien fans. Three things were it didn't show Saruman's true motives of trying to find the ring, it didn't explain that the Nazgul would be back, and it didn't explain at all what Amon Hen was. Other than those I thought it really brought the Tolkien Virgins (he he he) into the world. I have heard so many that thought they wouldn't like it absolutely love it and some went to pick up the books afterwards.

It was more than my imagination expected and what most could hope for. The book of the 20th Century becomes the motion picture event of the 21st Century. It is truly One Movie to Rule Them All.

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