1/03/03 -  Happy Birthday JRR Tolkien! Today you are eleventy-one years old! Thank you for the great stories you gave to this world and leaving it a little better!

9/13/02 -  No updates for a long time because of time issues. I am however going to soon. Small updates are happening all the time to improve the look of existing pages.

4/29/02 -  Sorry for the long delay in updates. I have been very busy. I will update soon. I swear on my precious!!

3/25/02 -  There is a new section called Ring War. It isn't completed yet but will be shortly where you can explore the War of the Ring with a unique look at both sides.

3/17/02 -  The books section is now open again. I took out the summaries which could get the site in trouble and added my own overview of the books. Only The Fellowship of the Ring is there now but I will be doing the others soon. Thanks!

3/11/02 -  I have a guestbook now. I urge you to put comments and suggestions there. Also there is still a poll on how you rate the movie.

3/7/02 -  The Image area has been up dated it is now going to be sectioned off by artist. For now only the wonderful works of John Howe are there. More will come. Also there is a new poll on rating the movie.

2/20/02 -  Well unfortunately I have to remove the book summaries from this site. The site I mirrored them from  informed me that he was contacted by the Tolkien Society on copyright infringements. It is really not cool but hey what can you do. The Books Section will be closed until I figure out what to do with it. Probably just a review of each book. They can't prohibit my opinion. Ill try to come up with more than that. Thanks.

2/18/02 -  Sorry I have not updated in forever. I saw the movie and then when on vacation then got busy. I have posted my review of the movie in the movie section. I plan on more updates soon. Thanks.

12/15/01 -  There is a new section about the FOTR Soundtrack. I have a review and you are able to buy as well. As well there is a link for E-Trading Cards. Click here.

12/02/01 -  It is coming fast. The movie is quickly moving towards us like Black Riders after the One. I have a new poll on the places of Middle-earth.

11/27/01 -  The FOTR Trailer is now available on this site in the new media section. More Tolkien related material will continue to be added.

11/25/01 -  A new site has been given the Nazgoth Award. TLOTR.com. A very good Rings site that I recommend you check out.

11/24/01 -  I have not updated in forever due to a big move and a technical problem. I am pleased to say that this is all in the past and will be updating often. Thanks for the patience. The FOTR comes out in less than a month and I am very very excited.

6/06/01 - There is a new and improved book section. With an outside source I am providing chapter summaries of all three LOTR books. Look at your own risk for I do highly recommend you read the books yourself.

6/01/01 - The movie section has been updated fully. It has links and images in it. Also check out the Lord of the Rings Fanatics site in the Awards page.

5/29/01 - Another site has been given the Ring Lord Award. It is the Lord of the Rings Fanatics Site. It is a wonderful site filled with info and it looks good. Check it out in the awards page.

5/26/01 - I am pleased to announce that the first Ring Lord Award was given today to the Hobbit Hole. It is a very good site based on Bag End and has wonderful graphics. If you have not already been there check it out. It is located on the awards page.

5/23/01 - I have made a small section dedicated to the movies. Since this site is primarily focused on the literary works it will be small. So far it has a list of the cast and the release dates. Personally, I'm dying waiting for The Fellowship of the Ring to come out in December.

5/10/01 - If you are wondering where I have been and why the site hasn't been updated in a long while its because of school. Pretty stressing I must say, but its done and I am getting more time on my hands. I will start bring out new stuff soon. Thanks.

1/26/01 - Now open the Ring Lord Shop. Buy Tolkien's books, books on Middle-Earth, and other Tolkien Items here. It is in Association with Amazon.com. Do stop in and give it a look.

1/8/01 - New now is the section on the Silmarillion. It is not completed yet for it will be rather large but I thought it would be good to get the initial page out there. Check it out. Also brand new, This site will give its own award to Tolkien Sites that excel. It is called the Nazgoth Award and if you wish to have it for your site visit the section and submit your site.

12/15/00 - Well in the books section there is a summary of the Fellowship of the Ring. It is the first summary of the books written by Tolkien. I will be taking the holidays off so do not expect anymore updates until well after the New Year. Sorry but I need the break and my files and programs won't be readably available to me. I will try if I get a chance to update before then. I will still answer email though. Have a safe and Happy Holidays. 1 year to wait.

12/4/00 - There is a new poll in the poll section. it is rather small and has to do with the up coming movies which we are anxious to see in a little over a year. I know I am.

11/30/00 - I know its been a while since I updated. New in the Geography of Middle-Earth section is the Dark Tower Barad-Dur. More updates will come more frequently.

11/6/00 - New in the Geography of Middle-Earth section is the section of Minas Tirith. This is the second place put in the this section and I urge you to check it out!

10/31/00 - Happy Halloween! And what a better way to celebrate by taking a trip into the Mines of Moria. That is right new in the Geography of Middle-Earth section is Moria. It is the first installment of what will be many places visited.

10/26/00 - A new section opens today. It is the Geography of Middle-Earth. Well the only thing there now is a map of the land which I made myself. More will follow with detailed descriptions and pictures of the various areas and places.

10/23/00 - Sorry for the long vacation from this place. I have returned. I have made a new poll for now. It deals with the Evil Characters in Tolkien's books.

8/28/00 - The fact that this place still exists is not at a loss to me. I moved and school started so updates have been zero. I will however soon try to get new sections up when time permits.

7/29/00- Sorry I haven't updated lately. I have been busy getting ready to move. I do have a new Poll up though. That is all I can offer at this point. It is about The Fellowship of the Ring.

        7/19/00The Time Lines Section is now open. It has one in it, The Battles of the War of the Ring. More will be added in time. Please check it out if you want to do so.

    7/17/00 -  Six members in the Ring Lord's Hall. I am not proud but there is one more than there was before. Please stop by and get some more talk going there. It is always good to have conversations about the Lord of the Rings or just life in general.

7/13/00 - Welcome to the new design of the Ring Lord. I was tired of all the frames and they didn't do what I wanted so I thought I'd remake this young site. One single menu frame at the bottom is all that will be there. You will see names for links that have no section for them yet. I will be finishing them periodically.