Angerthas Erebor:

Below is a table containing the standard Cirth letters and their Angerthas Erebor values:

-These letters are not used with the Angerthas Erebor mode.
[1]Letter #55 represents silent-e or a schwa sound. A schwa is an unstressed vowel that can be spelled with any vowel in English orthography. The schwa occurs only in unstressed syllables.
[2]Letter #56 represented a sound similar to the schwa. This sound occurs only in stressed syllables.

Additional letters used with Angerthas Erebor:

Accent marks used with Angerthas Erebor:


J.R.R.Tolkien never published a runic numbering system that could be used with the Cirth. However, in the Book of Mazarbul inscriptions, some characters are specifically used to represent numbers:

The dot under the number 4 may be an example of a 'numeral indication' marker. Similar markers are used with the Tengwar numbering system , also used in Middle-earth.

[a]Based on the number of strokes in numerals 1, 3, 4 and 6; the numeral for 2 might also be predicted.


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