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    Nazgul lord of the Ringwraiths originally a sorcerer king of the second age
who was given one of the 9 Rings of Power given to the me. He became the Witch-King
and fought for Sauron until his down fall when he was swept into the shadows. But since
the Ring was not destroyed Sauron called him back. In 1300 of the Third Age he rose up
in the form of the Witch-King of Angmar and gave constant war to the North-Kingdom
of Arnor until in 1974 when he destroyed the last stronghold there. However in the next
year his forces were routed and Angmar was destroyed. He turned to the South-Kingdom
of Gondor where he attacked and took Minas Ithith and renamed it Minas Morgul in
2000. He fought Gondor for a thousand years. In 3018 he disguised himself as one of the
Black Riders and searched for the Ring in the Shire. He wounded the Ring-bearer on
Weathertop, and pursued him as far as Rivendell. He returned to lead the Army to attack
Minas Tirith, where he slew Theoden, but was slain by Eowyn, in fulfillment of the