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The Lord of The Rings

The Fellowship Of The Ring (Part 1 LOTR) 17.56
The Two Towers (Part 2 LOTR) 17.56
The Return Of The King (Part 3 LOTR) 17.56
The Lord Of The Rings Hardcover 60.00
The Lord Of The Rings Illustrated Hardcover 56.00
The Lord Of The Rings Boxed Set Hard Cover 52.00
The Lord Of The Rings Paperback 16.00
The Lord Of The Rings Millenium Ed. 49.00
The Lord Of The Rings/Hobbit Boxed Set 36.00

The Hobbit

The Hobbit Paperback 9.60
The Hobbit Collectors Edition 28.00
The Hobbit Hardcover 28.00
The Hobbit: Or There and Back Again 12.80

The Silmarillion

The Silmarillion Paperback 6.29
The Silmarillion Hardcover 28.00
The Silmarillion Paperback 15.95

The History Of Middle-Earth Series

The Book Of Lost Tales  HME Vol. 1 18.00
The Book Of Lost Tales II  HME Vol. 2 17.00
The Lays Of Beleriand HME Vol. 3 5.39
The Shaping Of Middle-Earth  HME Vol. 4 23.96
The Lost Road and Other Works  HME Vol. 5 5.39
The Return Of The Shadow  HME Vol. 6  (HLOTR I) 24.95
Treason At Isengard  HME Vol. 7     (HLOTR II) 23.96
The War Of The Ring  HME Vol. 8   (HLOTR III) 23.96
Sauron Defeated   HME Vol. 9           (HLOTR IV) 24.00
Morgoth's Ring HME Vol. 10 23.96
The War Of The Jewels  HME Vol. 11 24.00
The Peoples of Middle-Earth HME Vol. 12 23.36

Other Books

Unfinished Tales 16.00
The Atlas Of Middle-Earth 19.96
Poems From The Hobbit 4.76
The Complete Guide To Middle-Earth 6.29