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One of the Istari Wizards. Known as Saruman the White he served as the
leader of the Istari. After coming to Middle-Earth in 1000 of the 3rd Age he wondered
around seeking to defeat Sauron. However with time he grew proud and wished for
power of his own. In 2759 Saruman entered Isengard and summoned Orcs, Half-Orcs,
Urukhai, and Dunlendings under a black banner with a white hand. He became ensnared
in the Ring Lords web and became his servant. In the War of the Ring his power was
snapped in the Ents March on Isengard, and the Battle of Hornburg. The Gandalf broke
his staff and took his Wizardís power. He tried to take his petty revenge in the Shire, but
he was bested by Hobbits, and killed by his own servant Grima Wormtongue.