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The finest rockets ever seen:
they burst in the stars of blue and green ,
or after thunder golden showers
came falling like a rain of flowers.


Samwise Gamgee

    Hobbit of the Shire born in 2980 of the Third Age. Dear friend of Frodo and accompanied him everywhere. He was one of the Fellowship of the Ring and the only one to remain with the Ring-bearer during his trek in Mordor. He often saved Frodo’s life. He amazingly defeated the Giant Spider Shelob at Cirith Ungol on the border of Mordor. When Frodo sailed into the Undying lands he inherited Bag End, and became a famous Mayor of the Shire. After his wife’s death in the 4rth Age Sam sailed into the Undying Lands to rejoin Frodo at last.

(Passage from The Fellowship of the Ring; Book 2, Chapter 7)