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    Istari, Wizard of Middle-Earth probably the most well known and famous of
all. Gandalf was a Maier spirit in the Undying Lands who was known to be the most wise
of all. About the year 1000 of the Third Age he was chosen to be one of the Istari or
Wizards. He was called Gandalf the Grey on Westron, Mithrandrir “Grey Pilgrim” to the
Elves. Upon his arrival in the Grey Havens he received Narya the “ring of fire”. Gandalf
ever worked against the rising power of Sauron in Middle-Earth. He inspired the Quest
on lonely Mountain in 2941 which resulted in the death of Smaug the Dragon. He figured
out that the Ring Bilbo found on that venture was in fact the long lost One Ring. He met
Frodo at Rivendell, and became one of the Fellowship. He fell in Mortal combat on the
bridge of Khazad-dum to the Balrog of Moria. However his spirit was resurrected as
Gandalf the White an extremely powerful being who could not be harmed by any
weapon. Riding his steed Shadowfax, he inspired King Theoden, cast down Saruman in
Isengard, and held back the Witch King at the gates of Minas Tirith. He fought with the
Armies of the West and over saw the unification of Arnor and Gondor. After the War he
sailed back to the Undying Lands with the keepers of the Rings.