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    The beautiful golden haired niece of King Theoden. She fell in love with
Aragorn. Despairing at his assumed death, and tired of not being able to fight for her
people she disguised her self as a Rohan soldier, and marched to battle at Pelennor
Fields. There she earned the greatest fame of all standing over the mortally wounded
Theoden fighting the Witch King, lord of the ring-wraiths. Protected by a prophecy that
no man could slay him she revealed that she was a woman, slew the winged beast he
road, and with the help of Meriadoc Braddybuck slew the Witch-King. In the struggle she
fell to the poison of the “Black Breath” and fell into a coma, but was released form it by
Aragorn. She got over the infatuation with Aragorn and married Faramir, the new Steward of