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    A half-elven Prince born in 442 of the First Age. He had a twin brother Elros,
and after the War of the Wrath being sons of a mortal hero they were given choices. Elros
chose to be mortal with a life-span of 5 centuries. Elrond chose to be an immortal Elf.
Elros became the first King of Numenor. In 1697 of the Second Age Elrond fleeing from
Sauron founded Rivendell (Imladris in Elvish). At the end of the Second Age, Elrond
received Vilya, the “ring of air”, the greatest of the three elven rings. Through out the
Third Age he lived in Rivendell and aided the Dunedain when he could. He gave
guidance to the Fellowship, and gave his blessing to Aragorn to marry his daughter if he
became King of Gondor, and Arnor. At the end of the Third Age he sailed off to the
Undying Lands.